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Madden 24 Fantasy League Season 1

Madden 24 Fantasy League Season 1

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Madden 24 Fantasy Season Rules & Regulations 

Fantasy Draft - draft order will be randomized.

In Season trades, free agency , and injuries will be ON

 $25 per Playa/Team Entry Fee. + $5.00 admin fee

(Based on having 32 Playaz)

1st Place Winner : $600 & Trophy

2nd Place: $125

3rd: $75

**if we have less Playaz prize pot will be adjusted**

The Final Season 3rd place winner will have choice of $75 or Madden 25.

You Will Receive An Email With Further Instructions After Purchase 


- Week Advances every 48hrs. If both players unable to play, game will be simulated. If only one Playa can’t play , force win for opponent. Must have proof of attempt to coordinate with opponent for force win.(text screenshot is fine)


- If we don’t fill up all 32 teams, remaining teams will be CPU- All Madden Difficulty- and Playa must still play the game.


- If teams are still available, Playaz may join the season late for an additional fee: $25 fee per week up to week 5.


$25 entry fee if On Time:

Wed. Sept. 6th. 7pm EST

Draft Will Start @ 730pm Sept. 6th

Season Starts: Thursday Sept 7th


Late Entry:


Week 2: $50 entry fee

Week 3 : $75 entry fee

Week 4: $100 entry fee

Week 5: $125 entry fee


No Refunds if a Playa decides to quit mid season. If a Playa quits mid season, the team will be flipped to CPU.


End of Season ‘Collusion’ or ‘Team Dumping’ is not allowed. I.e. if your team isn’t making the playoffs,  you can not unload your players to another Playaz team in bulls#*t trades and releases. These trades will be vetoed. 2nd offense, the manager will be removed from the season, with no refund.

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